Ingeteam launches high power wind converters

Ingeteam, a global technology group specialised in electric power conversion, has launched wind power converters developed for DFIG application.

The company’s DFIG converter series offers cost-optimised products for each market and application.

The wind converters are grid-friendly, and include FRT, SCR and SSR features, enabling them to be deployed anywhere in the world, Ingeteam said.

“Our knowledge and experience has been mobilised to generate design processes that combine development and validation, to ensure the supply of optimised DFIG Power Converters in the wind market for high power applications in the range of 6–8MW,” the company said.

Ingeteam operates throughout the world, and is permanently based in 22 countries, with a headcount of 4,000.

R&D is the backbone of its business activity, in which 5% of its turnover is annually invested.

Source: renews.biz